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Hey All!

Hey all! Hope you all are having a fantastic week. We have had a great last few weeks. Thank you to everyone who came to the Halloween social, it was a great success. There were some amazing outfits including Jenni’s Daenerys Targaryen costume. We hope to use that event now as a marker, and expand…

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Halloween Fundraiser Party : Open to All!

Hello everyone! On the 31st of October, LGBT are hosting an open fundraiser event in the Atrium, Portland Building. The LGBT network is underfunded this year and to ensure we can continue to fully support the network we are hosting this party! As an OPEN event, it means that anyone who identifies as LGBT or…

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T & Coffee : Part two

Hiya! T And Coffee is pretty much same time, same place this week; again it’ll be a low-key social chill zone protected by the Safe Space Policy. I’ll be bringing a couple more (better) games this time, and try finalising details for future socials and things.***This event is only for people identifying as trans*, gender…

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LGBT Network Discussion Group : The year so far / peer support

LGBT Network Discussion Group : The year so far / peer support 22nd October | 3pm – 5pm | LG9 Trent Building. A safe space to share and discuss your experiences of university life so far (positive or negative) and to promote peer support.

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